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The Art of Tango


Tango Beckons!

sensual, elegant and romantic. Tango will move you.

Tango is a social dance that will capture your heart, engage your mind, and challenge your body. Tango is a great way to connect with others and is ideal for both singles and couples. You do not need a partner to start learning or to dance Tango socially. No previous dance experience is necessary. Start with group classes or get a quick start and dance sooner via private lessons.

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social Tango

Tango opens up a whole new world of possibiliies.

You can dance Tango practically every night of the week. Much better than staying home alone or going to a bar! Tango social dancing offers a fun and positive way to make new friends from all walks of life. You are sure to meet pople from throughout the area, the country, from around the world specially at Tango workshop and festivals. Most cities and metro areas

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Learning to Tango

Tango is four feet, two hearts, one mind

Though it takes time to master, Tango can be enjoyed within a reasonalbe time frame. The fundamenals of Tango are relatively easy to learn.  The challenge is to incorporate them into the way you move, with someone in your arms, and in a crowded dance floor. It takes confidence and trust, as well as good technique and practice, to move with another human being as one.

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Tango News & Events

Tango with your Valentine!

Want a romantic Valentine? Share the passion of Tango with “Valentine Day Tango for Couples”, a two hour mixer/beginner tango lesson. Couples will explore issues of trust & patience, master non-verbal communication and learn to move together as one in order to dance tango by the end of the two hours. Call 858-531-8940 to reserve more

Milonga TocA Tanco

Join us at a cozy intimate studio featuring a great floating dance floor, a fantastic sound system, a friendly crowd and great hosts! Conveniently located near the freeway,

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